Oriental Vases - Lovely Decorative Figurines - Free Shipping!



This lovely PAIR of oriental decorative vases lends a delicate touch to any setting!  --- Offered as a PAIR. ... Free shipping!

  • PLIQUE-A-JOUR "CHERRY BLOSSOMS" VASE: This beautifully crafted cloisonné vase features a delicate cherry-blossom image against a darkly gleaming background, which delights the eye!  Exquisitely crafted in China, this piece, which is in good condition, is approximately 5-1/4-inches tall; rim diameter is 1-3/4-inches. Beautiful cloisonné (glass enamel) vase with visible brass base and rim; soft-black background nicely offsets the image of cherry blossoms displayed in delicate colors.  Enamel surface in very good condition; no visible flaws. This is an exquisite gift for the collector who treasures the finest oriental objects d’arts.  
  • MINIATURE "EXOTIC BIRD" VASE: This delightful porcelain miniature vase, with its shiny glaze and painted exotic bird, belongs with other treasured items in a curio-cabinet that tells a story... Marked "Made in Japan," this figurine is 3-3/4-inches tall; rim diameter is 1-1/2-inches. In spite of its age, this little collectible still glows with rich, yet delicate, colors. ... Free shipping!