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Majestic Artisan Urn - Studio Art Pottery - Free Shipping!



Statuesque and superbly crafted, this vintage Arts-and-Crafts  studio-pottery urn --- in the shape of an amphora or Martaban vessel, with hints of the Art Nouveau  era's influence --- features an unusual, impressed-stars motif, and a mottled, matte drip-glaze in rich aquamarine coloration. ...

This one-of-a-kind Folk Art treasure is wonderfully proportioned and weighty. ---- Fashioned in the style of early-20th-Century art-pottery, such as: Muncie Art Pottery, Weller, Rookwood, Upchurch, Roseville, Burley Winter, and Pewabic Pottery  ---- this art-studio vessel, reflecting both Art-Nouveau and Boho influences, is in good condition and lends a majestic presence to any setting! ... Free Shipping! 

  •   This cylindric urn consists of hand-thrown earthenware; features twin loop-handles at its neck; and displays a raised mark near its bottom rim, which is the pottery studio's insignia. .... 
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