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Imperial Lion Statues - Rare Design - Free Shipping!



This magnificent pair of oriental Fu Lion Statues --- "Chinese Imperial Lions" --- is a Mid-Century treasure, in good condition. ... Large and formidable, these symbolic statues --- made of heavy, indestructible, "Cinnabar-like" resin --- are handsome guardians for your home! ...The unusual design of these vintage collectibles is eye-catching: rare finds. ... Free Shipping! 

Standing Fu Lion's measurements: ear-to-tail length is 10-1/2 inches; height is 7-1/2 inches. .....Sitting Fu Lion's measurements: head-to-tail length is 7-1/2 inches; height is the same.

  •   The female Fu Lion is empowered to protect those who dwell in the home; the male Fu Lion guards the home's structure itself.
  •   To benefit from the Fu Lions' protective energy, they must be displayed together as a pair, on an elevated surface (never on the floor). Together, they should face outward, toward your front entry. ... These rare, vintage figures are best displayed inside the home, and not exposed to weather or sun.
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