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Rare Studio Pottery -- Rena de Santa Fe -- Free Shipping!



This exquisite, hand-painted, art-pottery vase --- crafted by the renowned Rena Paradis  in her line of studio art-works known as "Rena de Santa Fe" --- features a delicately hand-drawn image of a Navajo Indian girl, dressed in traditional attire, on one of its sides, and on the other --- a beautiful, gleaming, 1970s-style yellow blossom! ... The pottery's background color is a blend of soft turquoise and sage green. ... This one-of-a-kind, vintage, large clay vase (roughly 10-inches tall) is in good condition; its glaze and rim are free of defects. .... The artist's signature appears on bottom. .... Free Shipping!

  •   The handcrafted artworks of Rena Paradis ---- whose line of studio pottery is known as "Rena de Santa Fe"  --- are collectors' treasures: This unique artisan vase is one of the loveliest to be found! 
  •   The Rena de Santa Fe  artworks are distinguished in the Southwestern Art genre.