Retro Glass Tumblers - "Looney Tunes" - Set of Four - Free Shipping!



These four charming and smile-inducing vintage collector tumblers (juice or jelly jars) are in good condition, considering their age. The crispness of the imagery and wording, although possibly slightly faded due to age, is still colorful; no obvious nicks or scratches. ... Free shipping!

  • Featuring the antics of beloved Looney Tunes characters, such as “Tasmanian Devil,” the rim of each tumbler bears the wording: “Thufferin’ Thuccotash!!”  Each tumbler is marked “(Circa) 1974, Warner Bros.”  These are offered in a set of FOUR (4) identical glasses.  It’s unusual to find these particular Looney Tunes jars offered in a group of four! ... 
  • Each tumbler is approximately 4-1/4-inches tall; rim diameter is nearly 2-1/2-inches.