Regal Italian Vase --- Lovely Scrolled Design --- Free Shipping!



This beautifully shaped ceramic vase --- a fine example of hand-painted Italian pottery known as "Biagioli Gubbio Majolica" --- would add a handsome touch to any library or parlour. In good condition, this hand-crafted piece, with its soft blue-gray and burgundy scrolled design, would make a lovely gift, as well! .... Free Shipping! 

* Additional details: The "Biagioli" Italian pottery's hand-painted designs are distinctive in their regal or heraldic nature, and the full identity of these pieces is: "Biagioli CM Gubbio Italy."  The Biagioli Majolica pottery is known for its expertly hand-painted scrolled designs in handsome blue-gray and mauve-burgundy colors.

(Note:  Only the Italian vase is being offered; all other items featured in these photographs are the property of