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"Willow" Plates (Set 4) - Classic Oriental Design - Free Shipping!



This handsome set of FOUR (4) matching dinner plates --- reproductions in the age-old "Churchill Blue Willow" pattern and issued by Johnson Brothers of England, prior to Year 2000 --- offers rich colors and highly detailed imagery to your table setting, whether formal or every-day. ... Free Shipping!

  •   Each plate has been inspected and found to be free of damage, and the tiny "dimples" appearing on the underside of the plates, although very few, occurred during the plates' creation. ... 
    • (Please keep in mind, these are pre-owned dinner plates, therefore perfection is not possible, but each plate's surface and rim are smooth, its glaze intact, and its saturated color pleasing to the eye.) ...
  •   Elsewhere, a set of four dinner plates, in similar condition, in the "Willow" pattern, is priced at $90 or more! ....
  •   Underside of each plate reads: "Johnson Bros, Since 1883. --- WILLOW --- Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. --- Circa Johnson Bros, 1940; Made in England."
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