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Three Crystal Bowls - Each One Unique - Free Shipping!



This sparkling group of THREE uniquely patterned crystal serving bowls offers both elegance and utility: Each bowl's appearance is significantly different from the next (they are unmatched); all are in good condition. .... (Offered together as a group of THREE.) ... Free Shipping!


  •  Crystal bowl with vertical/angular cuts is approximately 2-inches deep; its rim diameter is nearly 4-3/4-inches; and its walls are 1/4-inch thick. This bowl is likely a creation of Cristal D'Arques France, in its "Montparnasse" pattern, and is lead-crystal. 
  •  Crystal bowl with "coin" impressions on sides, and "starburst" on base: rim diameter is 4-1/2-inches; rim thickness is approximately 1/4-inch; bowl's depth is nearly 2-inches.
  •  Crystal bowl with triangular and cross-hatch design and "sunflower" shape on base: rim diameter is nearly 4-1/4-inches; rim thickness is approximately 1/8-inch; and bowl's depth is nearly 2-inches. 
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