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Retro Tumblers (4) - "Looney Tunes" - Free Shipping!



These four (4) charming and smile-inducing vintage glass tumblers (juice or jelly jars) are in good condition, considering their age; they're a rare find! .... Although slightly faded due to age, they are still colorful, the wording crisp; no obvious nicks or scratches. ... Free Shipping!

  •  Featuring the antics of beloved Looney Tunes characters --- such as “Tasmanian Devil” --- the rim of each tumbler bears the wording: “Thufferin’ Thuccotash!!”  ... Each tumbler is marked “(Circa) 1974, Warner Bros.” 
    •   These are offered in a set of FOUR (4) tumblers. ... It’s unusual to find these particular Looney Tunes jars offered in a group of four! ... 
    •   Each tumbler is approximately 4-1/4-inches tall; rim diameter is nearly 2-1/2-inches. 
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