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Rare "Oaxaca" Clay Vessel -- Artisan-crafted in Mexico -- Free Shipping!



This darkly gleaming, artisan-crafted clay pot features the best qualities found in both "Oaxaca" and "Talavera" traditional pottery of Mexico. ... This vessel's richly patterned, hefty, black-clay body --- called Barro Negro Oaxaca  pottery --- and its bright, coppery-gold embossed floral design, which resembles the vibrancy of Talavera  pottery, make this artwork most unusual and rare. ...  Barro Negro Oaxaca pottery --- known as the "pottery of the night" --- is a form of Mexican Folk Art that is unique to the village of San Bartolo Coyotepec, in Oaxaca, Mexico. ... Free Shipping!

  •  This vessel's characteristics reveal hallmarks of the art-pottery produced by famed Oaxacan artisan "Dona Rosa" (Dona Rosa Real de Mateo Nieto of San Bartolo Coyotepec). Her pieces are highly prized by collectors! ... (Many of the Dona Rosa Workshop  artworks are found to be unsigned, but retain their value.) ... The Barro Negro vessel offered above reveals the distinctive floral and leaf shapes, and patterning in the clay itself, for which the Dona Rosa Workshop is known.
    • NOTE:  Most Oaxaca (Barro Negro) black-clay pottery appears only in the monochrome, dusky clay of its origins. ... The Folk-Art pottery offered above is quite unusual in its two tones: dusky black and gleaming coppery-gold. ... 
  •  This artisan-crafted earthenware pot is free of any markings on its base; and it is in good condition, with no chips or cracks. This vessel was designed for display inside the home, and must not be exposed to weather; the pot is for decorative purposes only (not for food service or storage). ... 
    • The vessel's dimensions are as follows:  Height is 5-1/4-inches; widest circumference is 18-1/2 inches; base surface is roughly 5-inches wide; and vessel's mouth is 3-1/2-inches in diameter.
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