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Rare "Kokopelli" Wedding Vase - by Mana-USA - Free Shipping!



Expertly hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind wedding vase by Mana USA, whose creations are highly coveted: Rich colors and striking hand-painted designs enhance this custom-made, vintage vase, which is in good condition. ... This particular Mana USA vintage "wedding-vase" design/coloration is quite rare. .... The arching portion of the wedding vase represents the spiritual union of man and woman; the bottom portion refers to the "well of life" that sustains the wedded couple. ... Mana Ceremonial Earthenware has produced colorful, high-quality earthenware since 1948.  .... Free Shipping!

  •   The nature of this pottery's glaze is that it ranges from glossy to slightly "grainy," which is a natural result of the firing process. ... Although this pottery is pre-owned, it appears to be in as-new condition. 
  •   The magical "Kokopelli" image appears on one side of vase. 
    • Photograph of the vase's base reveals the Mana USA provenance. 
      • Vase height is approximately 6-inches; width is 5-1/4-inches at base.