European Jewelry Box - Finely Crafted - Free Shipping!



This beautifully crafted wooden jewelry box, with hinged lid, features a cat's profile created with expertly imbedded metalwork. Interior is in clean condition, and the inner "floor" of box is lined with a soft felt material to cushion your jewelry pieces.  A superb gift, or to enhance your dressing table. Box would nicely hold other small treasures, as well. ... Free shipping!

  • Jewelry box is made in the Tatra Mountain region of Poland, and likely is made of Linden wood. This desirable chest would snugly hold jewelry or small keepsakes, and its lid features a handsome portrait of cat, whose details are outlined by hand-inlaid brass wire. The inside box “walls” consist of clean, light-colored wood; a dark-blue felt material lines the bottom of the box’s interior space, which is in good condition; and the lid closes nicely!…..What a delightful gift!

(Note: Only the jewelry box is for sale; jewelry pieces seen in photographs are from a private collection and are not for sale.)