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Edith Wharton (2): "The Age of Innocence" and "Short Stories" - Free Shipping!



Greatly treasured author Edith Wharton created these exquisite works at the height of her lengthy and remarkable career: (1) "The Age of Innocence," -- and -- (2) a gem-like collection of short stories. ....

With pleasure, we offer these quality paperback books as a PAIR. ... Free Shipping!

  •   "Age of Innocence" --- issued by Quality Paperback Book Club of New York; (this edition circa 1993).
  •   "Edith Wharton's Short Stories" --- by Dover Thrift, unabridged. 
    • This collection includes the following stories: Expiation; The Dilettante; Muse's Tragedy; Pelican; Xingu; Souls Belated; and The Other Two.