Glass Figurines - Vintage Collectibles in Rich Colors - Free Shipping!



Offered as a PAIR, these lovely, smooth-surfaced, vintage glass figurines bring bright bursts of color to any setting! ... Free shipping!

  • BLUEBIRD FIGURINE: Known as the “Leo Ward Bluebird of Happiness,” this classic little handcrafted glass bird figurine has an exquisite shape and rich color, and would be a delightful gift, paperweight, or stocking-stuffer. Artist’s name etched on bottom.
    • The figurine’s surface is smooth and unblemished; bird's height is approximately 2-3/4-inches; length from head to tail is 3-1/4-inches. Made in USA. These cherished “bluebirds-of-happiness” appeal to those seeking a burst of color to enliven one's home! ... 
  • BLENKO RED-GLASS PAPERWEIGHT: This glossy, ruby-red glass paperweight, by Blenko Glass, is a desirable vintage piece that is a rare find! 
    • Original Blenko label still adheres to surface; piece is in good condition, approximately 3-1/2-inches wide; glass is about 1-inch thick. Bring saturated color to your study or library with this fine, glossy-surfaced art piece, which would make a charming and useful gift. ... Free shipping!