Gifts in Original Boxes - "Standard Oil" Replicas - Free Shipping!



In their original packaging and in "like-new" condition, this pair of highly detailed replicas were made in England, are die-cast metal, and were issued by the “Lledo Chevron Day’s-Gone” Collection; would make terrific stocking-stuffers! ... Offered as a PAIR. ... Free shipping!

  • The two commemorative replicas, the Red Crown 1927 Gasoline Truck and the Horse-Drawn Tank Wagon, are tucked inside their original packaging. Gasoline Truck replica is 3-1/2-inches long and 1-1/2-inches tall; the Horse-Drawn Tank Wagon replica is 4-1/4-inches long and 1-1/2-inches tall.

These two delightful collector's pieces, sold as a pair, are described by their maker as follows:

Gasoline Truck replica:  "The Spirit of St Louis was fueled by this type of Standard Oil truck for Charles Lindbergh's historic flight to Paris, May 21, 1927. Lindbergh preferred Standard gasoline, as he found it would give him 'a little more range for the gallon.'" 

Horse-Drawn Tank Wagon replica:  "In the early 1900s, horse-drawn wagons were used to deliver kerosene and other Standard Oil products to grocery and hardware stores."