"Apple" Teapot - (For Decorative Display Only) - Free Shipping!



This decorative, cottage-style "Red Apple" teapot and lid are in remarkably good condition, featuring warm tones and a glossy surface. Exceedingly charming little teapot, to place on a cottage shelf, or to dress up a fall centerpiece! ... Again, this pot is intended for decorative purposes only. ... Free shipping!

  • Teapot's measurements: Height with lid is approximately 5-inches; height without lid is nearly 3-3/4-inches. Width of teapot (including outer edge of spout to outer edge of handle is approximately 8-1/2-inches. Diameter of teapot's opening is approximately 1-3/4-inches; lid diameter is approximately 2-3/4-inches. Teapot is for decorative (display) purposes only!